Quality Assurance

Unicla Co., Ltd. is a Japanese plant manufacturing air-conditioner. Its products are suitable to equip with different kinds of automobiles such as mini cars, small sedan , luxury sedan, agricultural vehicles, medium truck & passenger cars and specialty vehicles.

The outstanding exhaust 150cc, 200cc and 313cc are the most popular in automobile industries such air-conditioning and vehicles manufacturers. They are extensively used not only because Bear compressor adopts indepetent cylinder to protect the chamber, but also because it is equipped with excellent anti-wear off material that makes horizontal piston and advanced technology double ax function. As a result, the power loss and fuel consumption of dynamo can be minimized. Hence when vehicles are at a slow speed, the coolant can be delivered and provides an enough cooling function.

Unicla air-conditioner has 30 years experience in manufacturing and researching. This precious experience lets us have capability to produce excellent parts for air-conditioner. We got the quality awards ISO90001 in 1994 and JSAQ091 in 1996.